Drawing Study – Harpy Eagle

Since my other projects are a bit on hold while I wait for updates I might continue doing some drawing studies for the time being.

The Harpy eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world, alongside the philippine eagle and the Stellars sea eagle. They live in central and south america and are apex predators feeding mostly on sloths and monkeys. They posses the largest talons of any living eagle (larger than grizzly bear’s) and can take prey equal to their own body weight (6-9 kg) and fly off without landing.¬†On occasion they also take larger prey such as capybaras or deer but these must be eaten or torn to pieces since they are too heavy to fly with.


I think I spent a little more time on this than the last study I uploaded (5 hours or something). I did find feathers a bit harder to work with in a short time span since they are a bit more structured than fur that’s basically just a lot of hair straws flowing in the same direction. The crest really makes the Harpy eagle stand out and gives it a lot of character, which is something I like.