About me

My background is in game development and specifically illustration and 2D-art. For several years I have been freelancing in this field and gradually gained a greater focus on how games and storytelling can be used to convey culture, cultural heritage and create awareness and action to deal with the climate crisis. Currently, I work part-time as a coordinator for digital development at Dacapo Mariestad, but at the same time I am available for projects in illustration, art, game development and digital visualization.

Bachelor’s degree in media, aesthetics and storytelling (Computer game development – Graphics, University of Skövde 2011-2014)
Master’s degree in media, aesthetics and storytelling (Digital storytelling – Games and cultural heritage, University of Skövde 2018-2019)

2D artist and co-owner of Wingon Studios – 2013-2014
Self-employed in illustration, game graphics and game development – 2014-present
Interior of the Game Masters exhibition in Halmstad – 2015
Development of prototype for location-based game about megalithic tombs – 2019
Head teacher in Cross Media at Dacapo Mariestad – 2019-2021
Development of the game Paper Machine for Vadsbo Museum – 2019-2020
Coordinator for digital development and digital storytelling for the cultural heritage industry at Dacapo Mariestad – 2021-today

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere

Agisoft Metashape
Mesh room

Autodesk Maya