Battle of the Meteor – Undead Art Update

Because of popular demand, (a faithful commenter on boardgamegeek) The Undead will be the next¬†faction to be displayed here. As some of you may notice, the name is now changed from “The living dead” which I decided was simply too long and complicated in comparison.

I’m actually as of yesterday already finished with updating all the art for the tiles and am now starting to work on the reference card and other parts related to the functionality of the game. I’ve noticed in many of the game projects that I’ve worked on that it’s very rewarding when you finally design all the GUI and the menus (the video game counterpart to what I’m working on now). Even though it may not seem like the most interesting part of the work it’s very satisfying because it makes all the other assets look twice as good when it’s packaged well.

It feels good to have some extra time for the rest of the work. It means I have more time to rework the rulebook and think about things like the vocabulary of the game and wording of rules. These smaller things are easy to forget but just as with video games it’s very important to make the game as user friendly and easy to understand as possible.

A particular issue I’m thinking about regarding the vocabulary are the “attacks”. ¬†Several playtesters have mentioned that it’s a bit unintuitive that the attacks actually never happen, but rather are a constant effect through the game. Because of this I’ve though about changing it to “threat” or something similar that is more passive. Sometimes a rule can be simpler to understand just by being named differently. If any readers have thoughts about this you’re very welcome to comment with if you think this is good or not.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. More art assets are on the way!