Battle of the Meteor – Wyvern Art Update

The work towards the first prototype of my game continues and here’s some of the progress on the Wyvern faction.

As I go over all the images another time I see the need to redo the design of some of them. Those that have seen earlier versions of the tiles may notice this on the ones on the lower left for example. As I think more about each tile I also come up with better names for some of them, so hopefully the ones that have tested the game so far haven’t become too attached to them. Speaking of names, I’ve also been thinking a lot about the name of the game for the last weeks, but that’s a topic for another day.

I think the art update is going smoothly at the moment. I’m supposed to send the assets to my manufacturer in the later half of next month and I feel that I’m on schedule or even ahead, so that’s nice. Since the design is already mostly completed on many of the tiles it’s quite an easy process just to polish them up to a better quality.

It’s also very fun to design the┬áback of the tiles for all the different factions. It’s a nice change to design the icons since the process is a bit different from painting the creature tiles. I’ll keep posting the art updates here as I go along. Thanks for reading!