Battle of the Meteor – Brutes Art Update

The work with the art assets continues, and this week I’m giving you the update on the Brutes. I’m really happy with having worked through the art again and I feel that all factions have a nice feel to them.  The Trolls are nice to work with, lots of bulky muscle and savage beasts! I’m particularly happy with the redesign och Cerberus, since I didn’t much like my earlier concept.


I’ve also started working on rewriting and updating the rulebook in inDesign. I’m not that experienced in the program but it works very well for assembling all the assets and text to a complete package. At the same time I’ve sent out a form to some people I know to get some input on the name and terminology issues I’ve been thinking about, so hopefully I can present the new wordings soon. Here’s a quick screenshot of the rulebook progress. Thanks for having a look!