Battle of the Meteor – Working toward a prototype

As mentioned earlier the game is now out being playtested and, since I want some coherent feedback, I haven’t made any updates to the game in a while. In the meantime I’m continuing to work on the art assets for the game, as well as spending time on other projects.

However, I’ve also been lucky enough to gain the opportunity of printing a prototype for the game. I have earlier thought about using a print-on-demand site to maybe make prototypes or, in case I’m unable to find a better manufacturing solution, actually sell the game. But after I had shared my print-and-play in various forums and board game communities, I was contacted by a guy that’s in the process of starting a board game manufacturing company.

We started discussing the possibilities for working together and as a first step he offered me to print me a prototype of my game. In this way he gets an opportunity to start demonstrating to customers what he can do and I get a physical prototype to show people and playtest with. He is just working on starting up his company right now, and you can check out his website at

I’m very excited to get a first physical copy of the game so I’m now working hard on making the art and illustrations ready in the coming months. Since the time schedule got a bit tight, I may still have to update and polish the art more for future versions of the game,  but I still want to make the first copy of the game look as awesome as possible.

Attached to this post is the prototype version of the neutral deck, which I finished a few days ago. You’ll also see more updates on the art of the game here soon. Have a nice day!

PS. I’m still in need of playtesters so if you’re interested, have a look at the PnP in this post. DS.