A New Year – Daily Paint #1

A new year has started and I believe it’s almost a year since I started writing this blog. My activity with updating it has been a bit uneven. I’m still working on getting this career rolling and I have several different projects that I’m working on, and my activity varies in each of them during different periods of time. Hopefully this is something that I’ll sort out in the future so that I better know what project I should be working on at which times and make my content more regular.

As a way to improve my work and make sure that I’m uploading stuff I’m going to be making daily paints. My goal will be to spend 30-60 minutes on a painting every work day and upload it to my different channels online. This is not meant as a challenge that will fail if I miss a day or two, but it’s meant for me to build a routine of uploading images and a way to improve my work. I also have no real requirements for the content of the images, it’ll just be whatever I feel like drawing at the time.

Let’s hope 2017 will be a good year!

Daily paint #1 dp1