Battle of the Meteor – New Print-and-Play and Survey

Finally the new version of the game is finished and I’m uploading a new Print-and-play. I’ve also made a review form and hopefully this version will stay the same for a while and bring in some data on what people think of the game.

I’ll try to share this in as many relevant forums as possible. It might be a while until I make more updates to the game both since I may be short on time and because I want to know what people think of the game before I decide how to continue.

If you have time and interest I’d be very thankful if you would like to test the game. Bear in mind that everything is still subject to change. Neither the art or the ruleset are finished and still needs a lot of work!

Print-and-Play PDF:

Less-ink version:

If you have the time I would also appreciate if you’d follow the link below to give me some feedback. You can fill in some or all of the form, everything helps.

Feedback form:

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll be able to return to this project in a little while with more information regarding what to do with it next.