Active Projects


1024x1024Valhalla, Raids & Gold

A mobile game developed with local studio Ghoulsoft. Currently looking for a publisher. Facebook Page and Blogposts about the project.




hex_meteordeck_cardbackBattle of the Meteor Board Game

A board game that I am developing. Currently playtesting the first
prototype which will take a while. Blogposts about the project.




Finished Projects

Game Masters – the Exhibition in Halmstad
In 2015 the international games exhibition Game Masters visited Halmstad and I worked on the design and layout as well as the installation on site.


Wingon Studios

A few years ago I was working in Wingon Studios making flash games. Below are two examples of games we published.



Bitzy Blitz
A Shoot-em-up game with a multitude of weapon upgrades.





Thumbnail_200x200 (2)


Squid Skid
A puzzle game featuring an octopus and his younger brother.