Battle of the Meteor – First printed prototype

After a while of silence I can finally show the first printed prototype of Battle of the Meteor. It did take some extra time to get it finished and since it’s summer I’ve been away from work a bit which is why this has taken a while.

In any case, it’s finally here and it’s great to have  a physical copy of the game that’s not just ordinary printed paper. Once again thanks to gameprototyper for printing this prototype for me.

The game is still not in its’ final form. Both the rules, art and printing still needs to be worked on and perfected, but this prototype will help me a great deal with playtesting and showing the game to people. I have plans to contact gaming groups in the local area and will keep testing the game to really find out what parts of the game works best and which parts I need to work on.

I’m posting the rest of the images below. Have a nice weekend!