Battle of the Meteor – Print-and-Play


Here are the links to PDFs with all components needed for the game. There’s a normal version of the PDF and one in which I’ve tried to minimize the amount of ink needed.  It’s still quite a lot, since I figured that you need the team colours to not make the game confusing, but compared to the original PDF, it’s a lot less.

Bear in mind that everything is still subject to change. Neither the art or the ruleset are finished and still needs a lot of work!

Print-and-Play PDF:

Less-ink version:

If you have the time I would also appreciate if you’d follow the link below to give me some feedback. You can fill in some or all of the form, everything helps.

Feedback form:

I’d be very grateful if you’d like to test the game and give me some feedback about if you like it and if it has any problems. Any things unclear in the rules and instructions are also very important for me to know about. You can contact me on this blog, on my facebook, twitter or via my email.

Thanks for having a look!